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Pass the NMLS National Test the first time.

In October, 2015, some of the Federal Disclosures change. Our Study Material reflects all the changes, including the TRID forms and regulations.

It is a relief to know that our SEARCHABLE Study Guide contains ALL of the law and required information, per the NMLS National Outline.  The law is so voluminous that it can’t be actually written in any one place, so I did the next thing.  At the beginning of each section, the information or law is linked to the page. This way, if you want access to more than has been supplied or written, you can go directly to the source.

All the topics and information can be search with a simple “Control F” command.  Also, the sample test questions are contained in the same folder as the source information itself.  If you miss a question, you would easily find it in the the information contained in folder.

FlagHeartYou can’t miss with this method of studying.  The more you know about the Mortgage Business, the easier it is to take on the new information, but for the entry level Mortgage Loan Originator, you have a lot to learn, but it is all here, in one spot.

When I took the national NMLS test, it was brand new.  There was no study materials available.  There were a few educators that offered sample questions, so I had to go backwards and build the required information from the questions.  Although I passed the first time,  I vowed that wouldn’t happen to me again, so I wrote the CA SAFE Act eBook, and passed it too, the first time, but with a lot more confidence.

Hence, the new National NMLS eBook emerged.  I hope I will never have to take the National Test again, but you never know.  I want to be prepared.

Of course, I recommend your purchasing my Study Materials.  I don’t know of anything else offered that is at all similar to this.

You can purchase the NMLS Searchable National Test Preparation Study Materials now using PayPal or with a credit card.

The Cost is $89.00 for everything.

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