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Pass the NMLS Tests

The National NMLS Study Materials and California NMLS Study Materials are available for purchase on this site, so you can easily pass your National and California NMLS tests the first time.

Pass the NMLS Test

NMLS Mortgage Loan Originator

The National downloadable and fully searchable Study Guide contains all the law, as required by the National Mortgage Loan Originators compliance system. You can delve into every minute detail of the laws, or read the highlights and take the 100 practice questions.

NMLS National Test Preparation Welcome Page and Course Study Highlights

The NMLS National Study Material are available now.  

Purchase the California SAFE ACT Test Study Materials

Buy the NMLS Continuing Education Notes for 2015, for $29.00

California SAFE ACT Sample Questions

How I passed by California NMLS Test

How to Study and Learn

Becoming or remaining a mortgage loan originator, has the added responsibility of passing the N MLS tests. There is a state test, and a national test, and preparing for these tests can be daunting.

In addition to these tests, we have annual continuing education classes. There is also continuing education classes for your state. Sometimes we wonder how we have time to originate loans, does were so busy passing and paying for tests. Analyze keep changing, so you actually have to learn from this continuing education, in order to work in the field.

When I take my continuing education, the one for NMLS, I increase my time by about 50%, because I make notes on all the subject matter. First of all I want to be able to use it in the future, and look up the details of these laws. I find it impossible to keep them all easily available in my mind. We don’t use the details enough to keep them instantly ready.

So in addition to the California State NMLS study guide, and the national test preparation NMLS test preparation materials, I offer my continuing education notes for sale. Also, if your NMLS continuing education class requires you taking a final, then you’ve got a database to search from.

I hope you find the study materials useful. They’ve allowed me to pass all of my tests, the first time around.

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