Lost HUD Tags needed for Mortgages

Where to look for Lost HUD Tags. You may be the borrower or agent, or appraiser, attempting to satisfy conditions for mortgages, determine age of a mobile or manufactured home.

These steps will help you find lost HUD Tags or the Date of Manufacture of the home.

  1.  Look in the kitchen cabinets for a sticker;

  2. Contact Housing and Community Development in the County where the home is located;

  3. Contact the Building Permit Department in the City or County where the home is located;

  4. Contact IBTS for a report

Lost HUD Tags needed for MortgagesBelow are some details about these processes.

First of all, look inside the kitchen cabinets to find a sticker that gives building and manufacture information about the home.

If you cannot find missing information about the mobile home or manufactured home you are interested in, contact the Housing and Community Development Department, in the county where your property is located.

Or, contact the Building Permit Department City or County, where the property is located. Perhaps the Move On Permits will have the missing information.

If none of that works, then contact IBTS. The information is below:


Is the Label Number the same as the HUD Tags. YES I

You can order the Label Verification Letter, for $50. The report can take 5 to 10 days.

Plate is like a License Plate, used prior to 1980. Every year the mobile home owner had a new plate to attach.  This is no longer done.

Instructions for Regular or Urgent Requests from IBTS

IBTS should know everything about the home, but may not know the manufacture month and date.  This is the last place to try though.

Provide as much of the requested information as possible. In most cases, providing a Certification Label Number (if known) will facilitate the process.

The Serial Number is stamped into the steel front cross member of the home’s frame.

The data plate (a letter-sized piece of paper) located in the vicinity of the electrical panel box in the master bedroom closet or utility room, can also be a source of information regarding the Certification Label Number of the home.

Label and Serial Numbers provided by the requesting party should be inclusive of all letters and digits.

The Certification Label Numbers are identified by 3 letters followed by 6 or 7 numbers (including 0).
Example: XYZ-1000000.

In completing the form request, only complete the information you know– do not guess.

You may fax supporting information such as a title to (703) 437-6894 attached to a copy of your request confirmation.


If you acquire a report, the appraiser will have to see it.


email the site for help.

Labels Department: 703-481-2010



site/services/manufactured -homes/

http://www.ibts.org/label_req (per SW)


This web address contains the following information:

IBTS Verifies Manufactured Home Certification Labels and Provides Data Plate Information.

IBTS assists brokers, homeowners, appraisers, etc. to verify the following information on manufactured homes:

· Label Number
· Date of Manufacture
· Name of the Manufacturer
· Type of Home (single versus multi-section)
· Location of First Shipment

The verification can be requested online or via fax, for a nominal service fee.