Install Manufactured Home Foundations – Obtain Estimates

If you need Foundation Construction services for your manufactured or mobile homes, in order to close your mortgages, the following Companies come with our highest recommendations.

We have done business with, and endorse these Service and Construction Companies for Manufactured Home Installations, such as repairs and room additions:

Consult the Housing and Community Development Consumer Information

Ridley Home Service

Ridley Home Service Website

Ask for Ray – 951.329.8859

Install Manufactured Home Foundations - Obtain Estimates

Palm Springs California (works throughout the Inland Empire), and possibly all of California.

Experienced and reliable Manufactured/Mobile Home Foundation Installation Company.

In the loan business, when we lend on a manufactured home, the home needs a permanently affixed to the land and a recorded 433a Certificate.  Ridley Home Service will let you know what needs to be done to accomplish your goals, and they know how to do it.  Just call Ray.

On The Level,  (works mostly near San Diego)

Janis Arendsen


Author’s Notes:
Either of the above companies are really great to work with. They have been around for years, and really know the ins and outs of their business.
Getting past the County/State Inspectors is really important, and moreover, just knowing what documentation will be needed from the records, or the seller, is an advantage that can’t be counted.
Lately, Riverside County, in particular, has added more document requirements to their application list, when applying for a 433a Certificate.
The above mentioned companies know what to expect, when they work for you. They can also retrieve documents, that are available on line, but knowing where to get them is the real trick.
If the Seller doesn’t have access to the original building/installation Permits, you can try here to locate them. This just for one county through.

Riverside Building Permits Site (incomplete online records)

The online service does not cover all years, and the home may not even have an original Building Permit, which is needed, to obtain the 433a Certificate.
If that is the case, don’t give up, contact one of the above companies, or similar companies, and ask for their help to determine if an original Building Permit was issued.
Also, there are so many Acceptable Completion Plans for constructing a permanent foundation, that you and I can’t just look under the house, and determine if the home is on a permanent foundation.
There can be concrete or masonry, or treated wood, or all the types of metal support systems, under the house, but not seen by the untrained eye.
Most homes that have an existing loan, or have been financed earlier, will have a permanent foundation. The lenders require it to make the loan.
It’s the older homes that were installed prior to the current laws, that may have slipped by, without permits and without the type of foundations required for lending.
The installation process itself, may only take a day. With the help of some young people, to crawl under the home, and make the metal attachments, they make it look easy. Which of course, it is not easy.
What should be easy, like the obtaining of the Permits and back up documents, is often the really difficult part. It has to be done before making the actual installation, or the County/State Department of Housing and Community Development will come up with another requirement, and delay your loan closing.
Another resource is the IBTS Reporting System. IBTS is the source for determining and identifying the home’s compliance with the HUD Manufacturing Standards. The reports cost money, but may be worth it in the long run. The lender often requires this report prior to the loan closing.
If you have questions regarding the above topics, or other real estate lending issues, please contact me. I have been in business for more than 30 years, and have lots of experience with “unusual” situations.
Judy Sellens – 951-265-2102


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