VA Programs

They Served

True 100% financing is offered to Veterans. Dates of Service are considered.

The first step is to contact the VA office and request a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility, and Copy of Discharge papers.

We love these loans.  Call me to help you get approved.

Veteran Administration loans can be for all types of properties, including 2 to 4 units, as long as the veteran lives in one unit.  No Apartment Lending.

The Certificate of Eligibility is valid for one year.

Click here to visit the VA Home Page, with lots of information for the veteran.

You can finance up to $6000 in home repairs which can be included in the purchase loan or interest rate reduction refinance loan.

The allowed Appraisal Fee is $450.00 for one unit.

The DD-214 is a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.  Try to send us Member Copy 4, as it has the most information.

Your service record will determine your Funding Fee.  Regular Military, 100% funding fee, is 2.15% of the base loan amount.

Unmarried Surviving Spouses may be eligible for a VA loan.

County Loan Limits determine the maximum amount of the 100% loan, but the loan may exceed that number when the borrower pays 25% of the excess amount.  Generally the VA loan limit is $950,000.  But please contact me to determine if you can borrow more.

Veterans get benefits by being exempt from paying some closing costs.  Seller must pay them.

The Loan Origination Fee can be paid from Lender Credits.