Mobile Home Purchase 1970 or Newer

This is our basic Mobile Home (Chattel) purchase loan, and as far as we know, the rates are the best anywhere.

Lowest Loan Amount for Mobile Homes:  $25,000.00

The minimum down payment is 10%, with a 20 year loan term.

1970 or newer mobile home purchase financingCredit score must be at least 700.

Home must be built no earlier than June 15, 1976.  This is the manufactured date on the Title.


We have a Special Program for older Multi-Section manufactured homes.

If the home is manufactured, on leased land, built in between 1970 and July 1976 , we have a 25% down payment program.

Your credit score needs to be 720 or higher.  The home can be a primary residence, vacation home or 2nd. home.

Please call if you have this age home, and our pricing department will give you an interest rate quote.