Key Mobile Homes Financing Programs

We offer many types of Mobile Home financing programs, some of which are described in the following program highlights:

New home purchase financing available.

Refinancing available on mobile homes you presently own
Loans on homes in Senior Mobile Home Park Facilities
Loans on mobiles on fee simple land, or in a park on leased land
Homes on land you own, permanent Foundations not always required
Many loans require 10% to 20% down.

Our Lowest Loan Amount for Mobile Homes is $25,000.00, for clients with GOOD credit.

If credit scores are lower, our minimum loan would be $50,000. Please contact me with the details of your needs.

For the best credit, Loan terms can be:
Minimum of two years continuous verified employment required
Minimum gross monthly income $2,000. Because it is non-taxable, Social Security income of $1,400 will equate to $2,000 a month.
No prepayment penalties on early payoffs
Article date: Aug. 18, 2017

Mobile home financing is a particular kind of financing. Because the mobile home is a chattel, personal property, the lending rules are completely different than they would be for a single-family residence, make a traditional way.

You can refinance a mobile home that you presently own, or purchase a mobile home. We have loans on mobile homes that are in Seniors Mobile Home Park facilities. The mobile home can also be located on fee simple land, which is the common way that we own the property under our homes.

If your mobile home is on land that you own, you may not need to have a permanent foundation installed. Please contact me with the particulars on your home and land, and will see what programs you can qualify for without installing the foundation.

Many of the purchase loan programs require 10% to 20% down payment. The loan amount is limited to $20,000, due to the parameters set by the funding lender’s. We are very fortunate to have reputable credit unions who specialize in this kind of lending. The interest rates are reasonable compared with others. Please call for a custom estimate on what your financing fees would be, and the terms of your loan would be.