Mobile Home Information

Mobile HomeMobile homes are not on permanent foundations, and are generally in mobile home parks.  Read Below for Mobile Home Information.

Our Minimum Loan Amount for Mobile Homes is   $25,000.00

Key Mobile Homes Financing Programs

Standard Mobile Home Financing Program, and as old as 1970 Homes

Mobile Home Purchase Loan – Less than Perfect Credit

Mobile Home Cash Out Refinancing Program

High Loan to Value for Mobile Homes

Moving your Mobile to a new location.

Cash Out Programs for Mobile Homes in Parks

Program Highlights Mobile or Manufactured on Fee Simple Land

Mobile homes are generally in a Mobile Home Park. If they’re not in a park it’s very difficult to get comparable sales information, so the home might not appraise.

Senior mobile home parks abound. The nice ones have a golf course, clubhouse, organized activities, and small maintenance areas for garden or grass. The space rent is a consideration of course. In desirable locations, near the beach for instance, the space rent can be high.  In more conservative areas though, it’s common to find a $500 a month space rent, which includes all the utilities. If you own your home it’s hard to do better than that.

It’s unusual to find this program, but we do have lending sources for homes built in 1970 or newer. We also have programs for mobile home purchasers, with less than perfect credit.

There are cash out refinancing programs as well.

It is possible to move your mobile home from one location to another. As you can see from our article is a little precarious, but it can be done.

We do not finance Park Model Homes at this time.

Please contact me for questions about your specific property. Judy Sellens