Manufactured Home -No 433a Certificate

If you find out that your manufactured home you wish to purchase does not have a 433a recorded or issued, we can still help with your manufactured home financing.

Home with 433a CertificateToday’s manufactured homes are legally installed by getting a County/City permit to prior to the install. When the work is done, the Inspector comes back and signs off the work as completed successfully.

Older manufactured homes did not always have a 433a Certificate issued at the time they were installed.  Still, the foundation may be permanent.

The goal is to have the seller pay for the installation, out of his sales proceeds. We can get you a purchase money loan for the manufactured home and close the loan as soon as the County issues the 433a certificate. I have a manufactured home foundation installation company that will collect their funds at loan closing.

If you need a manufactured home placed on permanent foundation, the home does not have to be moved. Actually they do the work in about a day, and when you and I look at it, we can’t tell any difference.

The charges usually $2,500 to $3,500, depending on the size of the home and the type of foundation. Some close loan files that I have, gave me experience with who I could recommend to do such a job. You can also just Google it, and probably come up with a couple of the same names I have, because there are too many companies that do this kind of work.

So you would get bids from a couple of companies, get them to explain what kind of materials they were using, and after you choose one, they will go to the county or city and get the permits they need to do the job. After the job is done, and you now have a permanent foundation, the building inspector requests a 433a certificate. Once it’s recorded, you are given a copy, and from that point on, to 433a certificate is a recorded public document.


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