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As a Mortgage Broker and Loan Processor, with 25 years plus experience, I receive calls from new Loan Originators, asking how they obtain training and learn to use Point Software and how to quickly find and learn the underwriting rules for processing their Real Estate Mortgage loans.

The information can be overwhelming, as I am sure you know.  All the information is there, but how to you access and assimilate it?

Training Puzzle

Calyx Point Software is the leader in the Mortgage Loan Processing Field.  They have plans for large offices and one man shops. For Calyx Point Forms, each and every input field will be addressed, and the background information will be given.

Without knowing the basics, and somehow get training regarding of what information is critical, beginning with the Loan Application, it is very easy to waste your time, as a new loan officer, and your client’s time, because there is a “land-mine” within the application, and you don’t know what it is.

As I methodically add processing information, in the form of downloadable modules, so you can select just what training you need to have – right now, and important processing and mortgage loan information will be at your fingertips, and affordable.

Click this link for a free sample of our training content for the Point Software Borrower Information Page, which is the first page to complete when you begin a new loan. (coming soon)

Click this link to access Calyx Point Training Materials to purchase, including the basic Loan Application 1003 form.  With any of our forms, all possible input options will be addressed.  We will tell you What to Input and Why.

Ten or more years ago, the sub-prime lenders would come by the mortgage loan office, and review our loan applications.  They knew the right questions to ask, and they would try to determine what facts, in our scenario, could cause our loan to fail.  They were good at their jobs, and worked as “mini” underwriters training us along the way.

Mobil Underwriters

There were so many programs, and so many lenders to keep track of, it was daunting to learn and know all the program information. I devised lots of way to assemble the information, but still, it was not easy to apply the rules to a file.

We don’t have as many choices for lenders or programs, as we once did, and it is easy to record their qualifying information for later use.  The basics, FHA / VA and Conventional have all the same basic rules, except for specific lender overlays, (usually “take aways,” and special programs offered by Portfolio Lenders, which give more access to programs.

Today it is so much easier to originate and process loans, but still it is very difficult to obtain training.  I want to help you learn, and if you have a topic that you ask me to write about, please contact me, and I will probably accommodate your request.

I am preparing the Booklets/Modules addressing smaller topics so you can easily select the information you are interested in.  My project is beginning 9/1/17.  I expect the first module, Taking the 1003 Loan Application, using Calyx Point Software, to be completed within a couple of weeks.  Please stay tuned.

Home Training

You can email me regarding the project or the topics, and I will be happy to respond. Thanks for reading this.  Judy Sellens, California Mortgage Broker, holding all required NMLS licenses.

phone:  909-797-1024 and email:

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