Complete the Mortgages Application Form over the phone – At your convenience

Please call or email me, to ask your specific loan application questions. Once your questions are answered, together, we can complete the the No Cost – No Obligation, Pre-Qualification Mortgages Information Pages.

Once all the summary loan information questions are answered, you will know where you stand, as far as qualifying for a loan.

From that point, we will be able to give you a loan estimate and offer you programs you can qualify for. We will not run your credit now, but will wait until you choose a loan program you want.

Home Financing Application
Complete a Loan Application over the phone

When a Real Estate Loan Application is taken, by a professional loan originator, all the right questions are asked. There are questions that lead to more questions, that can be very important later on when you are counting on your loan to close.

The issue with simply filling in a form, is that the questions are often ambiguous, unless you are familiar with the loan business. Over the phone loan applications are preferrable, so that all the correct questions are asked, at the time the loan application is taken.

We offer loan originations for:

Traditional “Stick Built” homes,

Manufactured Homes, on fee simple land,

Mobile Homes, in Parks,

Mobile Home Construction Take-Out Loans.

Loan types:

FHa, VA, Conventional, and Equity (Hard Money) Loans,

Reverse Mortgage Loans.

Borrower Credit Scores can range from high to low, depending on the loans programs offered.

Of course, please call with your questions. You can also write me.

Thank you, Judy Sellens

Mortgage Broker

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