Raising Your Credit Score – Legally for Real Estate Mortgages

While you are applying for real estate mortgage, you look at your credit report, and you know some of the items are wrong, but does changing those items raise your credit scores?

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I didn’t charge that!

Well sometimes yes and sometimes no. We have software that will simulate the changes to be made, and tell us what the change in your score will be.

Not only that, you can have the new scores show within 5 days, which is needed for obtaining real estate mortgages.

If you are a client that does not have high enough credit scores to get a good interest rate, or get a loan at all, this program can help you.

If your question is, “How do I go about improving my credit scoring”?, then read on.

If there is any way that your scores can legally be brought up, we can simulate the changes on your credit report and determine, within 90% accuracy, what your new scores will be.

There is a charge from the Credit Reporting Company that owns the software, but you know what the change will be in your scores, and if it is worth it to pay to have a rapid rescore done.

Some companies advertise Credit Cleanup. I have had clients tell me that they were happy with the outcome of this process. I believe it is because they worked on credit that is actually incorrectly reported.

Below is a credit company that comes will a good referral. The cost is low, so you could check it out, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like the detail work necessary to clear up your credit.

Avalon Credit Repair 

AVALON CREDIT REPAIR – 1604 Dove St, Newport Beach, CA

They have 3 programs. They all cost $100 for the set up, plus a monthly fee. You can cancel any time.

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But my Card is right here!

The only changes that we are able to make are for items that are reported incorrectly. Here are some areas where this program can be of help:

#1 Your credit line item shows a balance owning on a mortgage that has been paid off in the past but never reported to the Credit Depositories. You have proof that the loan is paid off. We can even get proof from the public records.

#2 One of your credit card companies has reported your payment to be late 2 times in the last 12 months. You have a letter from them that says they are taking the late payments off.

#3 You have some delinquent accounts and you want to pay them current.

This does not work with Collection Accounts or Charge Offs, in fact the score may drop if we work with them because the old, bad account, is now being brought back to the present.

It is fine to pay old charge offs, but expect to wait 6 months before your scores are improved because of this. They may never improve either.

So, please contact us if you are shopping for real estate mortgages and want to be sure that your credit scores will be high enough before you start the process.

We can help you with our wholesale credit reporting company if we are working on a loan for you.

Judy Sellens



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