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    I am available most times to answer your questions relating to lending and mortgages. Most often your particular loan questions are going to be different than the next person’s and you need a custom kind of answer to give you an answer you can count on.

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    You may have questions about your credit, perhaps she had a bankruptcy or foreclosure. Perhaps you have a short sale and you’re not sure if it’s a foreclosure. I can answer your questions.

    You may have concerns about the property. What does it mean if the home is on a permanent foundation? Is your house a PUD, or condo, or is it simply a single-family residence?

    The age of the home is important as well. In the case of a manufactured home or a mobile home DH can determine if you will be able to finance that particular property. Please call me for guidelines.

    In most cases, if you are obtaining an FHA loan, or VA loan, or conventional loan, the subdivision that your property is located in, will have to be approved by one of the entities buying the loan.

    We do have sources where a conventional loan can be obtained for property that is not approved by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The home has to be built in 2000, or later.

    Often, developments are not approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The interest rate on these programs is not higher than any other program you could obtain. The rates are good. Call and ask me a question if this feels a need for you.

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