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Program Highlights for Purchase, Refinances and Cash Out Loans for Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes, on land that you own, in an approved Manufactured Home Condominium Community:

Program Highlights:

Mobile or Manufactured Home Loans for the States of California, Washington State and Oregon

Small Loan Amounts Available, $70,000 plus;

Minimum Credit Score 680;

Financeable Mobile Homes built in 1970 or later;
Reasonable Interest Rates and Closing Costs;

95% Loan to Value on mobile homes 15 years or newer;

90% Loan to Value on mobile homes 16 years or older - up to 1977;

Most Loan Origination Fees can be Financed (Not appraisal or Escrow);

Loan Terms:

Health and Safety Certificate of Occupancy required, but not a 433a Affidavit

Amortized 20 year loan term

Cash Out loans at 65% of appraised value
Maximum of $75,000 cash out for any borrower or loan amount

Multi-Section homes only.  (no single wides)

Please contact Judy Sellens by email or phone:

Voice Phone Number:  909.797.1024


Manufactured Home

Loans on Newer and Older Manufactured Homes


Hard to find Small Loan Amount Loans available for mobile homes or manufactured homes you own or wish to purchase


Homes installed more than one time - O.K.


No 433a Certificate required.


Call Judy at 909.797.1024, or  click here to email Judy

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