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Overview of Best Mobile Home Loan Programs

Below is a summary of our current mobile home loan programs, for homes in mobile home parks, and on land that you own. 

At this time, all homes must be owner occupied, no rental properties.

Small Balance Mobile and Manufactured Home Programs.   (Click above to see loan guidelines)

Mobile Homes in a Park:

Purchase or Rate and Terms Programs:

Pre-HUD Homes, built prior to June 1976:


Down payment 25%, plus closing costs
Loan term, 10 to 15 years.
Minimum Credit Scores, 680

Cash out - refinancing loan programs for Pre-HUD homes: None available.


Purchase or Rate and Terms Programs:

Mobile homes older than 15 years:  10% down payment required.

Mobile homes newer than 15 years:  5% down payment required.

5% down payment, plus closing costs (best program)
Minimum Credit Score 680
Loan Term, 10-20 years

Cash Out Programs:

Mobile Homes in a park:

Homes are older than 15 years, 65% of appraised or book value, whichever is the lesser.

Homes are newer than 15 years, 80% of appraised or book value, whichever is the lesser.

Date Prepared: August 21, 2010


Please visit the following pages for details about these loan programs.

Key Mobile Home Program Information

Mobile Home Specials

Mobile Home Hybrid locations, Condo Communities, and Cooperatives

Mobile Home Cash Out Program

Mobile Home High Loan to Value Program

No Appraisal Fee Mobile Home Program

Moving Mobile Homes

Please contact me for updates in programs.


Yucaipa California has 41 mobile home parks


Yucaipa's neighbor, Calimesa, Ca, has 8 mobile home parks


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