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You can move your mobile home from one location to another.

If you move your home to a permanent foundation, you could qualify for regular "stick house" financing.  However, FHA and VA don't have programs for homes that didn't go directly from the dealer to it's original location.

Other lenders don't track a "second mobile home installation," and will loan on the homes.

Installing this home in a mobile home park, eliminates the need for institutional loan financing.  Often mobile home park homes are completely paid for.  If not, we have financing available for that as well.

Pictures, to the right and below, show  how moving your home really looks.

It takes a lot of skill, on the part of the movers,  and courage, on your part,  to watch your home go down the road.  But, the rewards are great.

Too close for comfort

Painted, fenced and completed Mobile Home

Finished Project, painted and fenced.


Moving your mobile home to a new location.

This home moved from the ocean to the desert, without incident.

My friend moved his house with the furniture in it!


Strong Mover


Easy Does it

Easy does it!


On the Road













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