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Special Mobile Home Loan Programs

These programs are time dated, so please notice the application and funding date limits.  Rates are good for 60 days from the approval date.

Equity Builder Program - 10 year term, 6.99% simple interest rate.  Add .25% to the rate if auto-pay is not utilized.  Ask about seasonal specials with lower interest rates.

Program is available for Purchase and Refinance transactions for Mobile Homes on Leased Land:

10% down / 90% Loan to Value.  Example, if the mobile home is worth $100,000, the maximum loan available is $90,000.

Required credit score is 700 or more

Good for Single Wide or Multi-Section Mobile Homes

Applies to applications received from 7/20/10 thru 9/30/10.  Loan must fund by 11/30/10.

Please contact us now to make your application.

Services offered required a mortgage loan originator license, as obtained by Sellens Real Estate Lending.  NMLS ID # 313371

Published 8/18/10



Mobile Home Special Program #1

Great Living

Ask for the Special

Example loan for $80,000

Simple Interest 6.99

APR 7.61%

Principal and Interest Payment $929 a mo.

Term 10 years

Balance of principal remaining at due date - zero

No Prepayment Penalties

Agricultural and Commercial Properties are not included.

Please call with your questions.  Judy


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