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Mobile Home Cash Out Refinance Program #1

For Mobile Homes in a Park, on leased land, in California only. Home can be single wide or a multi-section home.  Values will be based on the lesser of an appraisal or on a "Book" value.

Qualifications and Terms:
Maximum loan origination fee $1,800.00
Borrowers must have good credit with at least a 680 -700 middle credit score.

Mobiles up to 15 years old can borrow 80% of their value. Cash Out is limited to $25,000.

Mobiles older than 15 years can borrower 65% of their value.  Cash Out limited to $25,000. Homes must be build later than July, 1976.

Homes must be owned for 12 months or more, prior to the cash out loan application, and you must show proof of your down payment or cash purchase.

Now, you have some general guidelines about a loan program you may be interested in.  This is the way to acquire more information to meet your particular financing needs:

Call Judy, mortgage loan originator, on her direct line at 909.797.1024, or write her at

Please make a note of the above information, if you are unable to make contact now.

Published 8/18/10


Need a home improvement loan?


This loan program offers lenient debit ratio calculations for mobile home improvement loans.


Refinancing your mobile home yields cash 

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