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Manufactured Home Permanent Foundations

This is what you need to know about having a permanent foundation installed for your manufactured home.

If you have had problems getting a loan due to your manufactured home foundation, please read on.

A few years ago, all lenders didn't know the subtleties of manufactured homes and their manufactured home foundation requirements. But, manufactured homes have become so popular, that lenders are more knowledgeable.

Many of the homes were installed without obtaining the 433 certificate from the State and now the manufactured home foundations have to be upgraded to meet new lending requirements.

Ridley Home Service is a General Contractor working in Riverside County, California, specializing in the installation of new manufactured homes and manufactured home foundations, or retrofitting homes that need new foundations to become modern and financeable.

Please call Jim Ridley at 951.329.8854. He will come out and give you a custom quote for your home. His Shop location is in Palm Springs and they service the surrounding areas. They are a well established company and very busy. But, they know their manufactured home foundation stuff.

There are 20 (+/-) different types of permanent manufactured home foundations. Cement, Brick and Cinder Block are permanent types of foundations, but there are others as well. To play it safe, you should get a FHA Approved type of foundation installed for your home.

The following Company is a distributor of permanent manufactured home foundations.

 If you are a contractor, this is a good resource for you to investigate.

The company name is D-Mac Manufactured Housing Supplies, located at 1105 Discovery Lane, Anaheim, Ca 92801.
You can contact Mike Marks directly at 951.809.2935. He is their sales representative for the Inland Empire Area as well as all of California.

You will need a Licensed Contractor as well, and please contact Mike or me for Contractor names we may have, or use any Licensed Contractor experienced in installing manufactured home foundations. Experience counts in this field.

You have to make decisions about the type of manufactured home foundation you want installed. A "Low Profile" type is popular now, but may be much more expensive.

Generally, an alternative FHA approved pier foundation costs less. The Contractor will give you a bid on all the costs involved for either type foundation.


Typical manufactured home.


They are very pretty and inside, they can be spectacular.


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